Bringing physicians together


**Thank You for your interest in BrighamToTable. We have wrapped up our Summer 2018 Pilot Program. We look forward to returning to provide you this service again in the future!**

Advocating for community 

The goal of the Brigham-To-Table Initiative is to encourage and inspire Brigham Health physicians to connect with one of the most valuable assets of our institution: their colleagues.

By emphasizing connections among physicians across the institution, the participants in this initiative will reestablish and reinvigorate their professional careers by reinforcing the reasons that they themselves chose a career in medicine and draw inspiration from the cultivation of meaningful peer relationships.

The initiative will provide physicians a reminder of the importance the organization places on physician wellness and human capital. We are proud to receive our support from the Be-Well pilot program at Brigham Health.





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Background: How It Works and FAQ's (Read This First)


Questions? Email brighamtotable@bwh.harvard.edu