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**Thank You for your interest in BrighamToTable. We have wrapped up our Summer 2018 Pilot Program. We look forward to returning to provide you this service again in the future!**

Our Mission: How It Works

The goal of the Brigham-To-Table Initiative is to encourage and inspire Brigham Health physicians to connect with one of the most valuable assets of our institution: their colleagues. By emphasizing connections among physicians across the institution, we hope participants will reestablish and reinvigorate their professional careers by reinforcing the reasons that they themselves chose a career in medicine and draw inspiration from the cultivation of meaningful peer relationships.

Brigham-To-Table provides physicians a reminder of the importance the organization places on physician wellness and human capital. It is modeled on a similar program launched at Harvard College titled “Classroom to Table”  (

Brigham-to-Table allows groups of faculty to arrange (through a centralized scheduling portal) times and dates for group meals covered by the initiative and directly billed to our institution.

Two group compositions are permitted: (a) groups of to 3-5 Brigham faculty members within a single department; (b) groups of 6-8 Brigham faculty members, drawing upon at least 2 clinical departments.

Specific restaurants in local surrounding communities have been contacted to allow the ability to bill directly to the hospital source of funds and to allow faculty members to partake in meals in the surrounding neighborhoods and communities of the institution. Times for lunch and dinner have been coordinated with the various participating institutions.

Each meal comes with a mini “assignment” -- ideally best completed after ordering food while waiting for the meal. Such assignments will be “conversation starters” that are meant to invigorate meals and promote healthy exchange of ideas. As a Be-Well funded initiative, participants will also be asked to complete pre- and post-meal surveys.

Program Details

  • Physicians are limited to participating in a maximum of 2 gatherings in summer 2018 (to allow as much access to the program as possible).
  • Five business days advance notice is required for all reservation requests. If you submit a request with less than five business days advance notice, we will not be able to accommodate your request. For example, a reservation for a Monday must be submitted on or before the prior Monday. 
  • The Brigham to Table program will pay up to $30/person in the party (including tax and tip) for lunch and $45/person for dinner meals. Please do not exceed this dollar amount (appetizers and desserts might not fit within your per-person budget depending upon your entrée selection). If the total amount of the meal exceeds the Brigham to Table caps, payment will be due at the time of meal at the restaurant for any excess charges. The physician submitting the reservation request will be ultimately individual responsible for any charges that exceed Brigham to Table caps.
  • Please note that alcohol is not covered by Brigham to Table funds. If you would like to purchase alcohol at your meal, that will require a separate bill covered individually by participants.
  • Please note that reservations (or changes) must be made through the Brigham-to-Table administration. It is against program policy for participants to contact our partner restaurants directly with any reservation requests (new, changes, etc.).
  • Groups must be between 3 and 5 faculty from a single department or division, or up to 8 faculty when including members from more than 1 department or division.



Who can participate in Brigham to Table?
This is a program for Brigham Health physicians. If you are a current Brigham Health physician or faculty member, you may initiate the arrangement and participate in the program. Physicians are limited to participating in a maximum of 2 gatherings in summer 2018. Medical students, residents, fellows, or other trainees are not eligible to participate at this time.

How do I sign up?
Click the Sign Up Form link to submit a request.

Before submitting your reservation request, you should have already confirmed with everyone in your group that they are able to attend the gathering on reservation date/time that you will be requesting on the form.

On the sign up form, you will be asked to enter the following: (a) your name, your BWH email, and phone number (the person making this reservation request will be the primary contact for the group and will receive all confirmation emails re this reservation request); (b) your preferred restaurant choices and reservation date/time; and (c) the names and BWH emails of the other guests in your group.

Where do the meals take place?
On the reservation form you will be asked to indicate your restaurant preferences from our current list of partner restaurants (see current list and on the form). You must select at least two restaurant options in the event that one of the restaurants is not available for booking.

At this time we have multiple partner restaurants near various campuses of Brigham Health who are set up to receive payment directly in order to cover the meal costs:

  1. Mission Grill (Brigham Circle)
  2. Eastern Standard (Kenmore/Fenway)
  3. Bukhara Indian Bistro (Jamaica Plain)
  4. Orinoco (Brookline Village; 10% discount with BWH I.D.)
  5. Seasons 52 (Chestnut Hill)
  6. Burro Bar (Brookline)
  7. Fugakyu (Coolidge Corner)
  8. Rami’s (Brookline)
  9. Pure Cold Pressed (Brookline)
  10. The Squealing Pig (Brigham Circle)
  11. Sweet Cheeks - (Fenway; only in their beer garden between 5-10 pm during the week and 3-10 pm on the weekends)
  12. Bertucci’s (Longwood)
  13. Besito (Chestnut Hill)
  14. Island Creek Oyster Bar (Fenway) 
  15. Barcelona Wine Bar (Brookline & South End – both locations)
  16. Tiger Mama (Fenway)

Does the group pay for the meals and then get reimbursed? 
No. Brigham Health has an account with the program's partner restaurants and meals are charged directly to them; there should be no out-of-pocket expense for your group related to your meal. Guests will, however, be asked to review and sign their final receipt at the restaurant. The Brigham-To-Table program will pay up to $30/person in the party for lunch and $45/person in the party for dinner (including tax and tip). Alcohol is *not* covered by Brigham to Table.

What happens once I submit the reservation request form? 
You will receive a reservation follow-up and confirmation from Brigham Health within three to five business days. Then you must follow up with everyone in your group and share the reservation confirmation information (confirmed date/time, restaurant name and location).

What if I need to cancel a reservation because all or part of our group can no longer make the reservation day/time? 
Please forward your confirmation email to as soon as possible—ideally at least 1-2 business days prior to the reservation. Our office will follow up with restaurant and cancel the reservation. We hope that you are able to reschedule for another day, but you will need to submit a new reservation request form with the new information in order to do so. 

What if my entire group can no longer attend our confirmed reservation date and we want to change the date? Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we cannot reschedule a reservation to a different date. You will need to cancel your initial request by forwarding your B2T confirmation email to and then you will submit a new request via our online sign-up form. Remember, our office needs five business days advance notice, so please do not submit any new requests with less than five business days' notice because we will not be able to accommodate your request.

Can I be reimbursed for a gathering that was not booked by the Brigham-To-Table program? 
No. We do not reimburse individuals for expenses for gatherings that took place outside of the administration of the program, nor can we reimburse anyone for gatherings that are booked directly with either a partner or non-partner restaurant. All gatherings must be reserved directly through the Brigham-to-Table administration in order to be eligible for the Brigham-to-Table program funds.


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The Brigham-To-Table Team

As members of the team working on this pilot project funded by the BeWell grant program, we're always excited to hear from you directly regarding any feedback on how we can enhance your experience! See our Team below:

  • Vinod Nambudiri, MD MBA (Grant PI)
  • Marie Thistle
  • Heather Wilder
  • Michelle Gabriel
  • Apoorva Rangan

Additional Faculty Support from the BWH Department of Dermatology includes:

  • Molly Cavanaugh-Hussey, MD MPH
  • Ruth Ann Vleugels, MD MPH
  • Mitchell Rubenstein, MD
  • Elizabeth Buzney, MD
  • Thomas Kupper, MD

This initiative is made possible through the generous support of Brigham Health, the BWPO, and the Brigham Physician's Council.


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